30 September 2013

Peachy cream

Dear readers,
there is so much going on in Rovaniemi every day. One day I'm on the hill Ounasvaara, the next day by the fire in front of our campus, later on at my friends' place.. Today I have class till 3 pm and in the evening we are already leaving for Stockholm and Copenhagen - can't wait! The weather up here is getting colder and colder so we are all wrapped up in scarves. But yesterday was a really warm sunny day so I didn't wear a lot - only a cream beige glittery pullover and underneath a peach colored oversized shirt. I love how the leaves on trees change color and I combined the colors I'm wearing with nature.
xoxo, Julia

Shirt: H&M, Pullover: New Yorker, Jeans: H&M, Hat: Zara, Glasses: eBay, Shoes: Deichmann

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