17 October 2017

Work casual

Dear readers,

I thought I would share what I wore yesterday. My days right now usually consist of uni, work and gym (and of course of sleeping and eating), but I always try to fill it in with some interesting things, like visiting a museum, gallery or a park. On Sunday, for example, we visited a cat shelter, Katzenheim Freudenau. They had a flea market, where all the profit was donated to the shelter and you could also visit the kitties. They take really good care of them and I think the cats live a nice life there. Some of them were sick, disabled or old and that was their forever home.
Yesterday's outfit was simple, for work but also for drinks afterwards. How do you like it? I got the boots on a special event from the magazine Woman and the store Lidl, where we were presented the Esmara by Heidi Klum collection.

Love, Julija

Blouse: Orsay, Jeans: C&A, Jacket: Janina, Boots: Esmara by Heidi Klum, Backpack: Primark

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