19 October 2017


Dear readers,

today I want to continue with my posts about the Asia trip my boyfriend and I went on in March 2016 (Part one HERE and part two HERE). We flew into Singapore from Phuket, Thailand in the morning, ate a deliciously spicy Tom Yum at the airport and comfortably rode the subway to the hotel (Yes Chinatown Point Hotel). The hotel (if you can call it that) was located in the China district - a colourful, vibrant and cheap area in the centre of Singapore. The room was the size of a small wardrobe, with walls thin as paper, a small bed and a shower with a sink. But the it was enough for us for only 2 nights, especially because even that "box" was expensive.
We dropped our luggage at the hotel and went straight to exploring the city. First, we walked underneath huge skyscrapers, wondering how everything is so clean and how the streets have some kind of nice smell of peaches. It was a big change, something so different from what we experienced in Thailand. In a short time, we managed to get to the harbour and continued to the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Gardens by the bay. Gardens by the bay have these crazy looking huge structures in a shape of a tree, where plants grow on vertically. Singapore is truly one of the most advanced cities in the whole world. After walking for the whole day, we ate chicken satay on an evening market, which was located in the middle of the street and returned to the hotel in the dark.
We started the next day in botanical gardens and continued with the subway to the Sentosa island. Even though it was interesting to see all the colourful creations on the island, everything was so fake. Fake stones, fake buildings, fake smell and a fake beach. But we couldn't miss it out and had to take a dip in the warm water. We crossed a little bridge to the southernmost point of continental Asia and relaxed under the palm trees after many hours of walking and constant sun burning on us. With a well-deserved slushie in our hands we slowly walked back across the harbour into the city centre, watching a beautiful sunset.
On our third and last day, we decided to explore the traditional side of Singapore. Buildings like the opera and city hall looked just like ours in Europe. We finished in the china district, buying ourselves some snacks for the air plane, checking out of the hotel and riding the subway to the airport. We flew from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia in the late afternoon.
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Love, Julija


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