22 October 2017

Warm autumn

Dear readers,

since I have received more views for the outfit post in one day than I did for the first Thailand blog, I thought I would continue posting more outfits. What do you think about it?
Two days ago it was so warm, even the sweater was too much for me; you could just walk around in short sleeves. Today it is already cold and rainy. The outfit is cosy, simple and with a special touch of a warm rose colour. I am obsessed with this two rose shades right now - nude and blush - and I just love it how it looks like on clothes and shoes. I will probably buy some clothing pieces in these colours too. I promise I will include more accessories next time, now I just felt like the embroidered part on the sweater was decorative enough. Do you like the outfit? What are your favourite colours this fall?

Love, Julija

Sweater: Stradivarius, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Primark, Backpack: Primark


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