29 January 2014

Snowy flowers

Dear readers,
I have an exam tomorrow so I have to study - just a quick update: A lot of snow fell this week and it looks like a winter wonderland, we were filming a TV episode for a show called Sixth sense yesterday and the magicians' magic tricks were amazing (how to impress psychologists xD), prices are getting lower and lower because the sales are ending (I got one Stradivarius high-low beige blouse for 4€ and a stunning white ZARA dress for 17€!), I have only 2 exams (tomorrow and next week) and then I'll be free, I started with a new workout from Lionsgate (30 days fat burning cardio; looks promising) and I already bought a gift for my love for Valentine's day, what about you? ;)
Even though there is snow outside, it is not that cold (maybe I am used to worse conditions because of Finland) - of course if you wrap yourself up with scarf and warm clothes. Love the high waist skirt, I usually don't wear them, because I think I look fat in them, but this one is a bit thicker and better. The scarf is my fav this season, because it is soooo warm and soft!
Winter is here, enjoy it!
P.S. - 2 more likes on my FB page and I will make a giveaway ^^

Coat: Pull&Bear, Shirt: New Yorker, Skirt: New Yorker, Boots: Princess, Clutch: Accessories, Scarf: C&A


  1. omg!! i love your skirt!! amazing coat!!
    you re so beautiful, great fashion post!!

    would you like follow us on ours blog and bloglovin , let me know =)


  2. I love your blog name *-* I have a cat too!
    I fall in love with your blog style and posts :)
    I'm new follower on GFC, would you follow each other?

    J'aime les feuilles rouges

    xoxo Marta

  3. love the skirt!! http://marschristie.blogspot.com/

  4. Noro dobra očala...fuuul svetovn šal (kljub temu da nisem šal fan)...in krilo ti res paše... :)

    HF :D


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