03 November 2017

Simulated couture & everyday menswear for a modern bloke

I always pondered if only women should dance with their cats, until I’ve somewhat impulsively decided to give it a try myself. This being said, all hands hoay, because you’re about to embark on a voyage of a different calibre, as today’s blog was kidnapped by no other than Julija’s boyfriend, Žiga.

So, this outfit is designed for everyday & casual wear, with a hint of “dark” flavour, which gives you a bit of more mysterious and neo-noir urbanistic edge. As such, monochromatic colour palette really brings out the everlasting style of slender and minimalistic lines, highlighted with post-punk details (such as washed out and torn slim-fit pants). Black asymmetric cardigan, white T-shirt, gray slim-fit pants, black "converse-style" shoes and a black scarf is a good foundation to start with, if you like this style. So, if you consider rocking this outfit, you can add another layer of awesomeness with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Kokorico Eau de Toilette, which is, in my opinion, pure art indulged in a bottle.

Last but not least, as a tribute to monochromatic fashion, photographs were also shot with a colourless filter. So, if future needs a colour, we’ll paint it black.

Godspeed, until we meet again!


Asymmetric cardigan:            Bershka
Scarf:                                       Primark
T-shirt:                                    Jack & Jones
Pants:                                      Primark
Shoes:                                     New Yorker
Watch:                                     Swiss Legend
Bag pack:                                Handmade by a friend (contact me if you’re interested)

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