20 October 2013

Black, red and snow

Dear readers,
it's a beautiful sunday afternoon here in Rovaniemi but I'm spending it inside - cleaning the whole apartment, making lunch and dancing to zumba. I am also spending my time here, on my laptop - searching for inspiration on weheartit.com, writing emails, checking Facebook and playing The Sims 3. I love lazy weekends. 
Time is flying by so fast; I have the feeling that I've only arrived here not a long time ago and I will already have to leave on the 16th of December. My boyfriend and me will visit Berlin for one week and Vienna for 3 days before we finally get home to Maribor. Who knows where we'll be spending New Year's Eve! Besides school (which is currently not that important in my life), I am usually hanging out with my friends or exploring around Rovaniemi. But I must say, I am a bit disappointed because of the lack of stores here. There are only H&M and Vero Moda (and Jack and Jones for men); the others are some kind of a Finnish-brand-stores. Well, I can't wait to get home and get crazy on winter sales!
The outfit I was wearing can be used for different occasions - lunch with friends, dinner with your loved one, going for a walk at the park, visiting lectures at the university, ... And you see it right - there is already snow on the ground but it's slowly melting since it's been a week it fell. The outfit is meant for indoors here in Rovaniemi because it's too cold to wear it just like that. I'd have to put on a warm coat, one more pair of leggings underneath, skiing gloves, a huge scarf and maybe earmuffs. Winter started this week. Yeah, it's THAT cold here already. The temperatures have reached minus. I can't even imagine how is it going to be in December (I will do a post about my layers then). Do not worry, I won't freeze because I have a lot of cozy warm clothes.
xoxo, Julia

Dress: H&M, Shirt: Bershka, Hat: Bershka, Leggings: H&M, Flats: H&M, Sunglasses: eBay


  1. Great blog ! You are so lovely I love your looks ! ♥ Kisses from France !


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