08 December 2013

Tri-color dress

Dear readers,
yesterday was Saturday and unless you are unimaginably full with all the school things in the evening, you go partying. A student's life is pretty busy, I must say :). I was wearing a cocktail dress (it was -18°C outside, but we stayed in an apartment). I really like this one and even though I bought it a few years ago, I still like to wear it, because it is simple and elegant at the same time. For me, there is something special about the dress. Maybe because it is the two-layered with a smooth silk underlayer and a nice light chiffon covering the whole dress. I also love the satin bow, which is an interesting detail going all around the waist. What do you think about the dress?
xoxo, Julia

Dress: New Yorker, Blazer: Stradivarius, Flats: H&M, Clutch: Princess, Bracelet: Cruciani


  1. Love your tricolor and especially the bow on it - matched with the purse! ;)

    Raffaella x


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