15 December 2013


Dear readers,
here I am, sitting at the Helsinki airport and waiting for the night to pass. After a 10 hour train ride from Rovaniemi to Helsinki, we arrived at the main train station and noticed that it was raining! We came from a snowy winterland into a late-autumn chilly weather. The journey did not end for me and my boyfriend - we are still staying 6 days in Berlin and 4 in Vienna. As my friend Ashley would say: "I'm sooo exciteeed". 
I already miss all the nice people, we were like a big supporting community. Well, as my teacher would say (like she concluded about Germans attacking villages in Finland during WW2): "Shit happens". Life goes on and I am excited to see my mom and dad after a long time. Living in a different country, studying in a different language, having my own apartment with my boyfriend and getting to know new people is an unforgettable experience.
And finally I am doing a post about the layers! It takes about 20 minutes to dress like that. Let's look at what I wore mostly in Rovaniemi... 

1. Underwear (I do not have a picture)

2. Undershirt and tights

3. Another undershirt (with long sleeves) and warm pair of socks

4. Warm sweater (or shirt + hoodie), pants and one more pair of socks

5. Gloves, scarf and hat

6. Second pair of gloves, warm coat, boots and earmuffs

Ah, can't wait to go shopping. Have a nice monday tomorrow! - Julia

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