29 November 2017

Golden Lips

Dear readers,

my busy days will soon be over and I will have time to create better posts more frequently. Next to a huge amount of work and a tight schedule, I also got sick yesterday, so my physical and mental health are pretty low right now. I am sticking to tea, lemons and warm socks. I keep positive thoughts in my mind at all times; it warms up my heart when I think about family time - can't wait to see them in two weeks! We visited the cat shelter (Katzenheim Freudenau) on Sunday, so petting kitties, buying Christmas ornaments and drinking mulled wine was also a good break from everyday life. Another thing that keeps me excited (better said, alive) during grey November days, is working out. I am looking forward to the one tomorrow, it is called California workout, where we usually do a combination of running, step training, HIIT, weight workout or circuit training. It will help me with my cold for sure!
We took those pictures on the last warm day in this year, when the temperature reached 14°C. Oh, how I wish it was like that now. I felt creative, so I tried out some makeup, which is pretty popular recently - anything in metallic colour. Especially on the lips, it is a new trend right now, but I did not want to buy an actual lipstick, so I used eye shadow instead and I think it looks pretty amazing! I would never use it for everyday makeup, but for going out it might be an eye catcher. Do you like the new trend? It was definitely fun taking those pictures, catching the last sunbeams. 

Love, Julija


Parka: C&A, Sweater: C&A, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann, Hat: Primark


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