21 November 2017

My Weekend in Pictures

Dear readers,

this is how my weekend looked like.
My Saturday started early, at 8:30 to be exact. I woke up like this (no, just joking, I usually do not have enough time in the morning to get ready like a normal person, so this is my simple make-up look). Drank a cappuccino and ate some banana pancakes (banana + egg + oatmeal); next to scrambled eggs, they are my favourites for breakfast.

The reason why I woke up so early and why I had to dress up like a decent human being (otherwise I would spend my whole day in pyjamas) is a block seminar at my university, which started at 9:45 and spread through the whole day. I think these kind of seminars are more productive in comparison to those that take place every week for an hour or two. And they are even more useful in my situation, because everything is already practice based and involves a lot of role plays. So, this time, the seminar was about the burn out phenomenon and the stabilisation of patients with psychosis, self-inflicted behaviour and aggression.


At 13:00, it was time for lunch. I ate a Caesar salad from Hofer. Still amazed how delicious it was! After some brainstorming and discussion it was time for an afternoon snack. Yummy flam kuchen with a fruit whey drink. The sun has already set as we finished at 17:30.

In the evening, my love and me went on a date to the movies. We watched Justice League 3D; pretty nice effects! We just couldn't go without a coconut bubble tea! Nom nom!

On Sunday, we slept until 11:00. We are a couple that loves to sleep long and we cherish those lazy relaxed days. I think that in a world, where everything is about getting the most out of every minute, we often forget to take some time-out, just doing nothing but breathing (and maybe cuddling haha). Breakfast: scrambled eggs for sure!

We visited the Urban Vienna 2017 exhibition, since we received tickets for free. It was mostly companies presenting their products. Then we took a walk to the renovated Stephansplatz, but since it was raining a little, we hid in a coffee shop.

Afterwards, we went to Vapiano for a late lunch with my half-brother and his wife. The delicious photos say it all.

My day ended with work schedule making for the employees and some article reading, while drinking a lovely cup of chai latte. We usually watch a movie in the evening, but we skipped it this Sunday, since I had to wake up early the next day and I wanted to get to bed in time.


Thank you for reading! How was your weekend?

Love, Julija

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