15 November 2017

Touch of Yellow

Dear readers,

here is another outfit from when it was still warm, now it is just too cold for only a poncho. I am obsessed with ponchos since last year, I think they hide my big hips and butt pretty well haha. I am already in a Christmas mood since whole Vienna is decorated and the markets will open this weekend. I just like to fill myself up with those fun festive feelings because it gets me though the cold November faster. 
How do you like my outfit? I find the yellow details next to the boring (but still one of my favourite colours) grey really refreshing. Until next time!

Love, Julija

Poncho: C&A, Shirt: Bershka, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann, Backpack: ZARA


  1. Anonymous16.11.17

    Did you use Google Translate to write this or is your English simply that bad?


Thank you so much for your comments! ❤️