16 August 2013

Trip to Ljubljana

Dear readers,
On wednesday, the 14th of August, my boyfriend and me went to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. We visited the Da Vinci exhibition - it was very interesting because all of his work was put together in one place (of course not the originals). They divided it into different categories; art work, military inventions, flight experiments, physics stuff (we could even try some of the models out!), anatomy models... One of the sections contained all about Mona Lisa - facts about the woman, the picture, how it used to look like (it had prettier colours, now it's just all green), even big pictures with her parts like the eyes, arms and eyebrows. Personally, I think Leonardo da Vinci was an awesome all around guy and I am fascinated by his mirror writing. His estimated IQ is 205. No wonder how he could absorb everything around him and turn it into usefull unique things. I also like that he was a scientist and artist at the same time.
Enough about the great Da Vinci; Later on we went shopping and I bought some shorts from Zara and a dress from Stradivarius. I will show it soon in some of my "everyday style" posts. We ate at an awesome restaurant in Lukovica (near Ljubljana) and stopped for donuts at the famous Trojane.
In the next post, you can expect a dress (again) - I enjoy my last days of summer because in exactly 2 weeks I will be leaving for Lapland. I hope I won't freeze there... and right now I got an idea - I will shoot some of my cozy winter sweaters and post them in the next post.
xoxo, Julia

Da Vinci mirror room

The Zara sweater has the whole arm sleeve and back like that
Arizona Ice Tea love
My favourite L'Occitane lip balm and the tickets

Sweater: Zara, Shorts: Pull&Bear, Flats: Bershka, Bag: Bershka